Tire Safety - From The Ground Up

The iron chains hugged the tires as the cars drove over knee-deep snow in Rocky IV as Rocky went to Russia to avenge his friend's death in the boxing ring. The chains cut through the snow giving the car the necessary grip to move forward.

We may not give much importance to the car tires while we spend a lot of time thinking about the mileage, safety features and the make, but the fact remains that the tires grip the road on which you vehicle runs and the type of car tire, its quality and the air pressure within it matters a lot in the safety of your vehicle.

They say no crash is an accident. Remember many accidents can be avoided if cars use the correct tire suitable for the particular vehicle. It is said that a number of car accidents caused these days are because of wrong tires and the compensation that one has to pay to the victim or the deductions that one gets from his or her insurance money is because of the wrong tires. A pair of wrong tire may lead to the skidding of your car, may affect the stability of your car on the road and can severely affect the safety of the vehicle in bad weather conditions.

The factors that you must consider while buying the tires of your car whether it is a new car or a pre-owned one are as follows:

The tires must match the make of the car.

The tires must be appropriate for the weather conditions, extreme snow, heat or rainfall.

The tires must be in good condition.

All signs of wear and tear in the tires of a pre-owned vehicle must be thoroughly examined.

You must always maintain the correct tire pressure. Wrong air pressure may lead to wobbling of your car or a flat tire in a freeway.

Remember appropriate car tires can bring down your insurance premium drastically. Accidents that are attributed to wrong tires lead to less insurance payments and the owner has to compensate. Choosing a tire that even if is in a higher price range, but if ends up saving the lives of people on the street or your own, is probably a wiser decision.

If in doubt discuss with your car manufacturer, with your garage people and with your insurance people and learn more about the kind of tire, the tread and the make that is suitable for your vehicle. The safety begins with the first contact that your vehicle has with the road and it is the only contact that it has with the road; the tires. The safer the tires are, the better their conditions are, greater is the safety of the vehicle on the road. It will also safe you a lot on insurance, payments, premiums and later on reimbursements, etc post an accident.

To ensure safety of your vehicle and your own choose the correct tire right away and you won't regret that.


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